Who we are

KOYER Rent A Car is a company focused on car rental that was born in mid 2006 in the city of Punta Arenas. Today, our service covers all Patagonia.

Fast response time

Ease of payment and online means.

Timely and complete communication

We are the transportation solution you need to get to know Patagonia in an unforgettable way.

We seek to be the solution that every tourist wants to have in terms of mobilization. We want to be part of the Patagonia experience, so that you will remember us in your anecdotes.

We offer a variety of vehicles that will meet your needs (sedan, jeep, 4x4, van) at the time you want.

Our commitment is to be your best ally to enjoy Patagonia in a different way, without worries, without strict formats. Traveling is a moment of relaxation, of living in a simple way.

Renting a vehicle with KOYER is simple, without cumbersome procedures, with vehicles suitable for Patagonia and a first class service.